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Valentine Day: Every bond of the world is made with love, if there is no love, then there can be no happiness in life, in the same way, love is never expressed by seeing time or auspicious moment, love is left unsaid, love is such a feeling The sea is in which even if there is a storm, then no one is harmed. Love renunciation is such a door of faith that one can only feel, which is not easy to get into words. When such a lovely feeling is celebrated as a Valentine’s Day, then that day becomes a memorable day.

In life, when everything is love, it is very important to give time to this precious feeling and time is probably lost somewhere in this world of race, time is such a bird, which if left by hand, will not return Time comes and lives are captured in beautiful memories.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on 14 February. It is celebrated with lots of excitement in many parts of the world. There is no public holiday on this day, but people celebrate it in their own way. This festival is a festival of love, which every loving couple celebrates in their own way.

why we celebrate Valentine’s Day and what is the history of Valentine’s Day?

But do you want to know why we celebrate Valentine’s Day on 14 February and what is the history of Valentine’s Day? If no, then this is the right post for you. Our country India is considered to be a country of festivals because here all the people together celebrate all the festivals with happiness like Holi, Diwali, Eid, Christmas, etc. All types of festivals celebrated in India have a true story behind all those festivals which have been written on the pages of history and all those festivals have been going on for centuries which has become like a custom which everybody Celebrates in your own way. 

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So, here I will tell you the story of why we celebrate Valentine’s Day and what is the history of this day?

Everything About Valentine Day : Valentine’s Day History

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Valentine day is named after a person whose name was a valentine. The beginning of the story of this love day is not filled with love. This story is about the encounter between a wicked king and a merciful saint valentine. This day begins with the third century of Rome where there was a tyrannical king named Claudius.

The King of Rome believed that a single soldier could be a better and more effective soldier for war than a married soldier because the married soldier always worried about his death. What will happen to the family and due to this concern, he is not able to give his full attention in the battle. Thinking this, King Claudius declared that no soldier of his kingdom would marry and anyone who violated his order would be severely punished.

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All the soldiers were sad by this decision of the king and they also knew that this decision is wrong but for fear of the king, no one dared to violate it and was compelled to obey his command. But Saint Valentine of Rome did not approve this injustice so he hid from the king and helped the young soldiers and get them married. All the soldiers who wanted to marry their girlfriend used to go to valentine for help and valentine also used to help them and get them married. In the same way, valentine had got secret soldiers of many soldiers.

But the truth does not hide for a long time, one day he comes out in front of everyone. In the same way, the news of this act of valentine also reached the ear of Claudius King. Valentine did not obey the king’s order, so the king sentenced valentine to the death sentence and was put in jail. Inside the jail, valentine was waiting for the date of his death and one day a jailor came to him named Asterius. The people of Rome had to say that valentine had a divine power with the use of which he could liberate people from diseases.

Asterius had a blind daughter and knew about the magical Takat possessed by valentine, so he went to valentine and begged her to fix her daughter’s eyesight with her divine power. Valentine was a person of a good heart and he used to help everyone, so he also helped the jailor and also cured the eyes of his blind daughter with his power.

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From that day onwards, there was a deep friendship between Valentine and Asterius’s daughter and they did not know when that friendship turned into love. Asterius’s daughter was shocked to think that Valentine is going to die. And finally, that day came on 14 February, the day valentine was about to be hanged. Before his death, valentine asked jailor for a pen and paper and in that paper, he wrote a goodbye message for the jailor’s daughter, at the end of the page he wrote “Your valentine”, these words are still remembered by people.

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Because of this sacrifice of Valentine, was named after him on 14 February and on this day all the loving people all over the world remember valentine and share the love with each other. On this day all those who love to express their love by giving flowers, gifts, and chocolates to their beloved girlfriend.

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is very special for two lovers. Therefore, they already decide how to spend the whole day. Here I am going to give you some tips that you can adopt on this valentine’s day and can make this golden day even more beautiful.

  •  You can go out with your partner somewhere.
  • Then you can also go for dinner somewhere.
  • You can also go to see a movie somewhere.
  • Go to someplace where you met for the first time whether it is a park, old school or temple.
  • You can make your partner happy by giving a special gift.
  • You can give a nice love letter by writing it.
  • You can spend time with your partner and remember your past moments.
  • They can then call their other close friends home and spend time together.
  • You can ride a bike somewhere or go long drive.
  • You can spend quality time with each other. 

Valentines are 7 days in a week and the importance of each day varies. If you truly love someone and want to make these seven days special, then the gift is the best way. If you are far from your love and still want to enjoy these moments with them, then send a gift for them. You can buy your gift according to your love choice. If you live far away, it would be best if you can direct your address from eCommerce websites like Amazon or Flipkart. Above you will see a button, here you will get more than one gift for Valentine’s Day.

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With Whom We Can Celebrate Valentines Day?

It is a very important question that should we celebrate Valentine only with our Girlfriend or lover? The answer is no because nowadays it is not limited to lovers only, nowadays it is being celebrated with friends, family, and siblings. It is a symbol of expressing your love. Today it has become a day of love, affection, compassion, and love. So you can celebrate it with anyone. For example –

  • To strengthen love with your spouse
  •  To make a new relationship with your lovers unbreakable
  •  To increase friendship with your friends
  •  To strengthen the bonding of relationships with people in your family
  • Having a good time with your pets

If I say it in easy words, you can celebrate Valentine’s Day well with whom you care.

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My Words: So if you want to celebrate your Valentine’s Day with your loved ones then you can read another post for the wonderful ideas.

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